Wood Care

The best way to help your wood item look good and last for generations is to care for it well. Store the item out of direct sunlight, and out of extreme temperatures and humidity. Changes in temperature and humidity can cause cracks to form or expand. Because wood is a natural material, some changes in color and small cracks can be expected with time. Clean your item with a clean, dry cloth. If something stronger is needed, warm water or dish soap diluted in warm water may be used. Make sure to oil the wood any time you wash your item, and every 6 months or so even if you don’t wash it.

All of my wood items are finished using a homemade blend of mineral oil and locally sourced beeswax because it is hypoallergenic and food safe. Mineral oil purchased in the pharmacy section of any local store may be used to re-polish and protect your item. Wipe the oil on, allow it to sit, and then rub off any excess. Butcher block oil or your favorite wood polish are also good options, but make sure you use something that is food safe on any kitchen items. It’s worth noting that some commercially available wood polishes contain compounds and chemicals that will shine your wood nicely, but make it very difficult to refinish later should the need arise, and I therefore do not suggest these to care for your item.