Becky Phillips // Wildcat Craft

I am crafter, woodturner, and basket maker Becky Phillips. I got started by taking some basic classes at the John C. Campbell Folk School,  continue to improve my skills in my home shop, and am always learning more through the local Chattahoochee Woodturners Club. You can reach me via email at wildcatcrafters @ gmail

My main interest is in making practical items from collected, salvaged and found materials. When I have the chance I enjoy searching for treasures at estates sales, yard sales, thrift stores, the occasional dumpster, and the side of the road. I am assisted in bringing home nearly whole trees downed by storms and the occasional power company cut by my very understanding husband, Allen. He is a huge help, a fantastic chainsaw operator and knowledgeable assistant at craft shows.

Wood, materials, and my interest in working with my hands have taken over our life. Our basement is now dedicated to wood and material storage, and our garage is a now a dedicated shop. I do most of my turning on one of two lathes, a newer Jet Mini and a much older and well-loved General that I inherited from my granddad, who bought it used in the early 90’s. I make baskets at the kitchen table, or on the back porch, and work on other projects wherever the space is available.

You can read a little bit about my process and get updates on events on the blog. Get information on baskets here and how to care for your wood goods here. Get a regularly updated view of my life and work on Instagram. I make a very tiny appearance in a video about volunteer work with the woodturning club here.

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