Baskets are made from rattan reed, a tropical vine, grown in Asia, imported to the U.S. and retailed by a small family-run business in North Carolina.

Most baskets are intended to be ornamental or for light use. Larger tote baskets are excellent for harvesting veggies from the garden, collecting eggs, picking flowers, or shopping at the market. Round baskets are good for biscuits, bread, tortillas, or napkins. Garlic and onion baskets are meant to hold the weights of their respective items, and if used only for these purposes, should hold up well.

As the reed is a natural material, it is important that your basket be stored in a humidity controlled environment, and be completely dried after any use where the basket becomes moist. There is no finish added to the basket after construction, although the reed should be somewhat naturally stain resistant. It is okay to spot-wash your basket gently with a dry rag, or a little warm water and diluted dish soap should it become absolutely necessary. Make sure to dry the basket thoroughly after cleaning. I like to put mine near an air vent for a day or two.